NZ Business articles on buying, selling and growing

Below are NZ business articles produced for our newsletters and website. They cover from starting a business, buying and selling one, through to growing your business. We hope you find them useful in buying or selling your NZ business, and in building a successful, enduring and profitable enterprise.

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  • Starting a Business

    Starting a Business

    Starting a business can seem overwhelming. There are many things to consider and organise. These articles on starting a business are designed to help you understand the steps in making your dream a reality.

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  • Buying a Business or Franchise

    Buying a Business or Franchise

    Thinking of buying a business? Check our articles on what you need to know when you buy a business or franchise; be it a motel, cafe, service, retail or manufacturing business opportunity. Be informed and choose the right business.

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  • Selling a Business or Franchise

    Selling a Business or Franchise

    Selling a business is the most popular business exit strategy. Whatever your reason for selling; you will want to know how best to sell your business, how to get your best price, and how to ensure you have a business that will sell.

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  • Growing your Business

    Growing your Business

    Growing your business is important for your survival. Read about how to increase your business with new customers and increasing your sales to those already buying from you.

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  • Small Business Adminstration and Finance

    Administration and Finance

    Good administration and management are critical to any business. These articles cover accounting, cashflow, management, human resources and business operational issues. Read more on running a successful business.

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  • Legal and Employment

    Legal and Employment

    What business structure will you use? What do you know about the consumer law that will govern your business? Read more about the consumer, employment and legal matters that could impact on your business.

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  • Business Finance

    Business Finance

    How much money can you borrow? Business Finance is usually limited by your collateral and ability to repay the loan. The larger the business loan, the more security required and the greater the repayments

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