How to create great ad images for better business sales results

creating great ad images
Pictures tell stories ... and get more than twice the interest. Business Buyers like and react better to images - that's why image rich ads work so well, especially with photos that have some emotional pull. Use interesting photos to tell your story. Photos also work well for businesses that are remote or difficult to visit - they make it more difficult to discount your business due to its location.

5 tips to help you get better business sales results from using images in your ads:

1. Stage your shot.
A sharply presented business that is spotless, fresh and clutter-free grabs more attention. Remove the clutter from your shots - no one likes a messy room so stage your photo shoot and remove anything that could distract your viewer. Less furniture may make your room look more spacious, extra lighting could eliminate the unsightly dark corners - all dramatically improving your photos.

2. Composition is important.
Make your photo interesting. Pay attention to how much of the scene you shoot, the layout and placement of the building, plant and subjects. A good composition will have the human effect - people identify with human stories. If you're selling a cafe it's better to capture the moment of someone happily buying a coffee or a group of friends having a fun in your cafe, than an image of an empty business with no customers. Photos are emotive and need to connect and pull people in. Look to add life - pick the right combinations to bring your image alive; don't let your subject get lost in a cluttered and distracting background. Make your subject stand out, capture your buyers' interest and help tell your story.

3. Make it Sharp.
Make it look professional - get the focus and light right. An overexposed, or blurry image is seldom appealing. Avoid camera shake and try different camera settings to ensure you get your best result. Is it best with or without the flash? Experiment by focusing on different background objects or elsewhere in the scene. Generally early or late in the day provides the best light, with slightly cloudy days working well for outside shots.

4. Avoid the Unwanted.
Sometimes an unwanted object can kill the beauty of a great shot. Pay attention to the entire frame, watch for cars that obscure, flowers popping out of peoples' heads, signs that confuse or unsightly power poles. Frame your image free of clutter and avoid any visual distractions.

5. Shoot the Interesting.
Not everything is interesting. Take a moment to think what would be interesting to tell this story. It might be the action of food being tossed in the kitchen, a car dealer handing over the car keys to a thrilled client. Activities and patterns help make photographs interesting and attract attention, and hopefully the attention of your business buyer. So, take a moment to think about the subject, then frame it and shoot.

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