Selling a Business or Franchise

Selling a business is the most popular business exit strategy for many business owners. There may be no successors who want to continue the business; or staff or partners that can or are interested in buying your business. Whatever the reason; at some stage you will want to sell your business and ensure you get your best price and have a business that sells.

  • Who will buy your business?

    Who will buy your business?

    There are many reasons people buy a business. When considering selling your business it pays to spend some time identifying who is likely to buy your business - put yourself in their shoes and find out exactly what they will be looking for.

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  • Options when selling a business

    Your options when selling a business

    There are a variety of options when selling a business. After all, you want the best possible return and outcome for your business to hopefully maximise the investment you have made over the years.

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  • Marketing a business for sale

    Marketing a business for sale in New Zealand

    Looking for ways to get the best value for your marketing dollars by targeting your most likely buyers. In today's market you will require a multi pronged approach in order to draw out your best prospects.

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