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Thinking of starting your own business but unsure where to start, if it will work, and if it will see it's second birthday.  New business opportunities and start-ups can be risky and exciting, and if you get it wrong, costly.  Explore and research the businesses and sectors that interest you most and see what other entrepreneurs are doing in that space. Refine your idea, ensuring it is the sort of business opportunity that is likely to be sustainable and successful. Work out how you will manage the risks associated in starting a new business. Better still - look at existing businesses for sale for one that is struggling but has some of the necessary elements you will be needing. Use it as a platform to launch your vision!

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Buying an existing means that:
- There is already cashflow - you have an income from day one
- The fit-out has already been done with all the equipment in place
- You have a customer base on which you can build your cafe business
- Suppliers have been identified and are providing you produce
- Systems, and potentially staff are in place so it's all systems go

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