NZ Business Sales Testimonials

"Selling my online e-commerce business through nzbizbuysell was easy. They provided very easy to follow steps with advice and guidance. I had an excellent response to the ad I placed with them and the purchaser of my business was someone who saw my ad through nzbizbuysell. This is a very affordable way for a small business to promote their business for sale."
Victoria - Auckland (Online Food Retail)

"NZBIZBuySell was the ideal platform to sell my business. Low cost and a very good template to follow to get the most out of the advert. I received a dozen enquiries over the short period that I enrolled for. My business sold through NZBBS in January 2024. I would certainly use them again."
Baz W - Whanganui (Delivery & Merchandising)

"I received so much interest in the shop and was able to secure a good buyer for it. It is now run by the new owner. Thank you for your service, and your site's key role in drawing interest to my business. For that I am truly grateful to NZbizbuysell."
Sefo - Auckland (Dairy)

“We wish to advise that we have now sold our business to a very good buyer via your nzbizbuysell website. Thank you for your excellent advice and assistance that has helped us sell our business. Your friendly and professional approach, and a prominent, easy to use and innovative website have made all the difference and secured us our business sale - a great result. We have already recommended to our friends and family members to use nzbizbuysell for buying or selling their businesses.”
Shaman and Barry - Auckland (Online Retail)

"I would like to ask that you now remove my advertisement for my bookshop the Blue Remembered Hills Books as tomorrow the new owner takes over. I have had an excellent response to the ad with your company and I thank you for the successful outcome."
Judy - Auckland (Bookshop)

"We listed our business using the "premium" option and within 24 hours had received our first response. This first responder went on to purchase the business and took over just 3 months after we listed. Bizbuysell undoubtedly was the main reason we managed to sell our accommodation business in what are unprecedented times for selling a tourism business in NZ. Thank you Richard we really appreciated your support."
Alan - Hanmer Springs (Motels)

"We listed our business over a year ago on other another very popular site with no response. Disheartened but keen, we listed with the NZ BIZBUYSELL site... and never looked back. We had 7 enquiries and sold the business within 2 months. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to sell their business to use NZ BIZBUYSELL! Great return for your investment. Thanks guys!"
Sian – Auckland (Retail)

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"Having used three forms of advertising (Google Ads and newspaper advertising), nzbizbuysell was ultimately the medium that sold my business. It did so in a far shorter period than is average for my type of business and it was far cheaper than the other methods. Also I found the leads that came from your site were more qualified, no tyre kickers."
Geoff – Christchurch (Green Acres Franchise)

"I´ve just SOLD, and it was from an enquiry off your site. Interestingly while the deal was closing I had another 3 enquiries that I had to put on hold. I am very pleased with the result - thank you for producing a good medium."
Dave – Auckland (Distribution)

"I have sold my cafe. After numerous enquiries from the US, Australia, UK and various parts of NZ, it was bought by some people three miles up the road! The settlement date is 8 September, so you can delete it from your site. Thank you very much for all your assistance, your website was the only source I used to sell the cafe and, well, it works!"
Paul - Wellington (Retail Food)

"Thank you for the opportunity to advertise with your site. On putting up our ad we received an enquiry – and this one bought our business we have SOLD! Prior to this we had been advertising off and on for six months."
Alison – Wellington (Service Industry)

"Hey, thank you! I´m the guy with the aerial photographic business for sale. Well, I have sold – thanks to you! I feel so good, I may even go looking for another business to buy."
Jon – Otaki (Service Industry)

"Great service - Advertising on got me heaps of enquiry and my buyer! It was better than I expected. I´d recommend using the Internet to sell a business any-day."
Merv – Christchurch (Retail Food)

"For your records we had 4 enquiries within 3 days of listing and sold to a 5th enquiry – who amazingly enough – was already a current owner within our franchise group, but who actually saw the listing on your website."
Tom – Carterton (Franchise)

"We are thrilled to say we have sold our business after a month on nzbizbuysell, we possibly could have sold it sooner as the enquiries we received were amazing. We tried putting an ad in the paper & got 1 reply - at a guess we would have had 50 enquiries from nzbizbuysell. We are spreading the good word nzbizbuysell is the way to go!"
Carla – Otaki (Manufacturing)

"Thank you for a great service. We advertised in national papers, local papers, and free papers as well as trade magazines; but the internet is obviously today´s medium, and your service, has the right formula. Congratulations."
Lloyd – Auckland (Manufacturing)

"Please remove our ad it´s now sold!!! Yippie!!! I got heaps of queries and sold this just 8 days after the ad appeared and it went unconditional today and fully paid!!"
Cedric – Auckland (Retailer)

"With little or no results over a period of 10 months, I decided to advertise on the net with I had 8 enquires, four of which lead to meetings, and one finally put in an excellent offer, which we accepted, all within two months! I highly recommend this service."Steve - Wellington (Retail)

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"I recently brokered a significant sale as a direct result of an enquiry from this website. More and more potential purchasers from both overseas and locally are using this medium to source businesses. I strongly recommend to all my clients that they advertise online and enquiries and results to date confirm the benefit."
Richard Ridler – Business Broker
Business Link (Auckland) MREINZ

"I tried my advert in the New Zealand Herald, which was very expensive with little success. My advert was then placed with and I had several replies. Within a short time the business was sold. So thank you to nzbizbuysell, great work!"
Paul – Auckland (Retailer)

"What a great service – I wasn´t sure how it would go, within days I received several enquires – one was the guy who bought my business. I´d use nzbizbuysell again any-day."
Gerry – Christchurch (Service Industry)

"As a broker I have been using the Internet more and more to do my business. Response from the site has been beyond expectations. I have just; confirmed a sale that took only one week from the buyers first contact, a conditional sale on a hotel complex, and have another contract on a large manufacturing business from an Australian buyer."
Ron Dougall – Business Broker
Christchurch Business Sales MREINZ

"Thank you so much for your effective advertising. Our business has sold conditionally. At this stage everything looks positive so please remove our Pizza Haven advertisement." "Our business has sold. We thank you for providing us with an excellent service. Our advertisement with you was more successful than the NZ Herald. nzbizbuysell has been recommended to many."
Sangita – Auckland (Retail Food)

"I would like to let you know that we have sold our Motel. The listing on your website was instrumental in making the initial contact with the purchasers and in the end we got the result we wanted. Thanks for your help."
Mike – Oamaru (Accommodation)

"You offer great value for money. Easy to spend that on a paper ad for a single exposure... Sell by your site or not, your service has been great."
Drew – Whangarei (Retailer)

"I have purchased a fantastic business opportunity, and would like to thank you for your quality input in bringing this about. I regularly review your site for additional opportunities that would compliment this business, and will continue to do so. Thank you for your assistance and fantastic website."
Werner – Auckland (Service Industry)

"...why don´t you try advertising on That is where I advertise my businesses for sale and have had more response from that than any other form of advertising."
Liz – Auckland (Home Service Franchise)

"I assumed an ad on the internet would just get lost in the bottomless void of cyberspace. I was surprised when I started getting calls from potential purchasers, literally within days of placing the ad. Somehow they were finding nzbizbuysell´s website... we had more responses by advertising with you than we anticipated."
Selwyn - North Shore. (Service Industry)

"I´ve just placed my "Business wanted" ad. It´s one of the best sites I´ve been, it´s great, I love it. I´ve learnt a lot reading your information on Buying a Business. Now, I am looking for a business broker in the North Island but I´m at a loss. Is there amongst your list a NI broker you know who specialises in the Hotel / Motel businesses?"
Clara – North Island Buyer

"We have SOLD! - After several months of trying we persevered with just your nzbiz listing and a few classifieds in the NZ Herald pointing to the listing, from this we had a flurry of enquiries over the last 6 weeks, which came down to 3 serious bidders striking a reasonable deal with the final one."
Mike – Auckland (Framers & Art Gallery)

"...we have successfully sold our business through your service. Being advertised on the net has meant greater exposure to more prospective buyers globally. We have saved money and achieved our goal. Well done!"
Paul - Christchurch (Service Station)

"From inquiries off I have sold two businesses to Ex-pats; one a timber manufacturing business valued at around $1m and a plastics operation for just under $500,000. There was also metal fabrication business sold to an Immigrant for around $200,000. I find using the internet offers greater exposure and opens the doors to many more potential buyers."
Ron Dougall - Business Broker
Christchurch Business Sales MREINZ

"I am pleased to say that we sold our accommodation business through nzbizbuysell. We had a tremendous response to our ad with enquiries from all over the world."
Wendy – Tongariro National Park (Accommodation)

"I received about eight contacts in response to the advert on your web site. I got a couple from Australia and one from England. The couple that bought the Cattery and Kennels came from Christchurch. They were keen...we had sold it within five weeks. ...your web site covers a great area and did OK for me."
Trevor – Dunedin (Service Industry)

"This is the first time I have had anything to do with internet selling and found it to be a great success. We had around 15 replies with 3 serious buyers in the first week. The sale agreed to at full price in the first week with the rest of the buyers calling later and missing out. I have sold off other areas of this semi franchise operation in the past doing it the hard way in the newspapers etc and found your way much better. I would recommend this site to anyone selling or buying a business."
Mike – Auckland (Franchise)

"Could you please take me off your Newsletter list now as I have sold my business and I actually have bought another off your site. I can´t believe how it has grown over the past year with more and more listings coming in. Many thanks, it is a great site."
Linde – Buyer & Seller

"Thank you for your great service. I am amazed, within days we found our buyer, and had a contract within the week. The sale happened so quickly and didn´t cost mega-bucks, the perfect solution to selling our small food business. We are delighted to have found"
Sami & Rosemary – Christchurch (Food Outlet)

"Your website is very successful. I had many enquires and accomplished my objective. I will certainly use you when I need to sell another one of my businesses."
Scott – Auckland (Bakery)

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"You´ve done it again!!! Another business sold! Contract was signed today and I collected my deposit as well. Man, I gotta tell you how stupid I was spending dosh on newspapers and what not when in the end it was the enquiry through that did it!!"
Cedric – Auckland (Retail)

"The only advertising I did was through the nzbiz site. I think I had around 20-25 enquiries and 3 offers so pretty outstanding return for the ad I feel! Please accept this as confirmation that my business has now sold and needs to be removed from the website. Thank you for your assistance with the marketing via your web site. The whole process created a professional advert that was very cost effective and generated many genuine enquiries."
Tamsin – Wellington CBD (Business Services)

"Just for your feedback I listed yesterday afternoon and within a couple of hours I´d already had one person contact me and this morning I´ve had another – so well done... a great site for selling businesses."
Jane – Auckland (Retail)

"I was absolutely impressed with your site in terms of generating quality leads... In advertising to sell one of my businesses, 63% of all my leads came from nzbizbuysell. Five were from overseas which opened up the potential buyer options. Advertising on this site out pulled any print ad massively, and it lasted for two whole months. The buyer came from a lead generated by this site."
Hamish Conway - Ernst & Young 2002 - Young Entrepreneur of the Year

"I´d like to take the opportunity in thanking you, and your business nzbizbuysell for the prompt sale of a business that was due to close its doors for good. I had exhausted all avenues thinking that if I put an add in the local paper perhaps I might get a last minute response and manage to salvage a business from closing its doors for good. You contacted me the week leading up to closing and I thought it was to late, however in desperation I called you Tuesday morning and by midday the business was "online" and ready to go. You totally exceeded my expectations, which are pretty high I must say. You took all the pressure off me and your professionalism and sympathy to the previous owner was unmeasurable. On Wednesday I received a email via nzbiz from a prospective client. It was over the weekend and I was out of town on business, so on the following Tuesday we arranged a meeting and the very next day the business was sold. I had tried three different forms of media and only your business delivered on this occasion. I cant thank-you enough, it goes beyond me but also the buyer and seller, a very emotional time as we only had two days left before closing. I look forward to doing business in the future, once again. Thank you."
Leighton – Christchurch (Kodak Business Manager)

"I am delighted to have sold my business through nzbizbuysell. All of the dozen or so enquiries that I received were genuine. I was quoted up to $11K to sell through an agent, so pretty pleased with myself that I managed to do it for $98! Thank you."
Helen - Auckland (Homebased Franchise)

"I am pleased to advise that we have sold our business solely through the advertisement on your site. I would think we have had at least 20 inquiries and one of the early ones became a hot prospect who is now in the process of taking over."
Allan - Accountant Katikati

"I would like to say NZBizBuySell has been a great lead generator for us over the years. The sale of our business came from NZBizBuySell. Your site has been invaluable to our business, and a great vehicle in which to generate sales for our territories and in the end also generated the lead for The Master of which we have now sold. Once again I would like to thank you and Desley for all your help and for always directing us in the right direction. You both have been wonderful to deal with and I just can´t say enough how much NZBizBuySell has helped our business. Thanks again for your invaluable service, Kane and I wish you all the best. "
Jill & Kane – NZ (TouchPoll Franchisors)

"We really appreciated your input, and as you know our business has finally sold. It can take sometime to sell a niche market business, however with persistence and advertising on your business for sale site we have succeeded! Your site has good coverage, generated a number of enquires from overseas, and sold our business."
Carol & John – Auckland (Manufacturing)

"Forgot to ask for our business listing to be removed - we sold our business Whitakers within one week of being on your website - once again a fantastic result."
Carmen – Christchurch (Gifts online)

"Thanks for your help, have actually sold the business via an enquiry from my advert on your site. So it actually worked, we are stoked. Regards Full of Beans Café – Taupo "
Diane - Taupo (Cafe Franchise)

"Thank you. We have sold our business now and feel FREE."
Ingrid – Auckland (Retail)

"I wish to unsubscribed because I am pleased to tell you I found a business to buy through your business bulletins."
Lee – (Business Buyer)

"We are very pleased to advise that our business has sold – and it had been on your site for less than 2 weeks. Would you please remove our advert."
Bruce - Christchurch (Natural Health)

"I advertised on your site late last year. I was successful within two weeks in receiving a reply in connection with the sale of my business. The deal was concluded and the new owner took possession on the 1st March. Having established my business 20 years ago and now ready to ease up a little in preparation for retirement I was extremely happy with the outcome."
James – (Service Business)

"Thank you for your assistance in selling the business. I only advertised the business on your site and had several enquiries each week. Within the 2 month period the business was sold."
Keith – (Home Service Franchisor)

"As Business Consultants we practice what we preach. We monitor and manage our advertising and lead generation closely... and have used many websites, magazines, and newspapers and find that our advertising on out performs the others when it comes to generating quality leads. There’s only one website for marketing business for sale opportunities in NZ and that’s nzbizbuysell"
Andy – Christchurch (RIBI Franchisor)

"Please note that my business, Xtra Light ltd. listing 6490 has now been sold. Thanks for your excellent site, it works!"
Emil – Auckland (Lighting Retailer)

"Thank you, we are getting a good response from our listing with you..."
Graeme – Wellington (NZ Franchisor)

"Good luck with the business sale - why don´t you try advertising it on That is where I advertise my Homesit branches for sale and have had more response from that than any other form of advertising."
Liz – Auckland (Home Service Franchisor)

"You offer great value for money. Easy to spend that on a paper ad for a single exposure... Sell by your site or not, your service has been great."
Drew – Whangarei (Retailer)

"I must say the response has been terrific and I had several people who would have bought it whereas adverts in "The Press" and "Buy Sell & Exchange" had virtually no response. Good work."
Neil – Christchurch (Marketing Business)

"...why don´t you try advertising on That is where I advertise my businesses for sale and have had more response from that than any other form of advertising."
Liz – Auckland (Home Service Franchise)

"I´ve visited your site a lot and have taken advantage of the various information that can be sourced from it. I think it´s awesome."
Simone - (Buyer)

"Your site has been producing a lot of leads. Well done!"
Paul – Wellington (Franchisor)

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