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When buying a business what business structure will you use? Your business structure needs to be carefully planned and customised to your needs. You will also need to gain a good understanding of the consumer law that governs your business. In NZ your employees will be covered by the Employment Relations Act (2000) and other legislation, what will this mean for your business?

  • Business insurance protecting your business

    Business insurance - protecting your business

    Protecting your business and assets is sound business practice. It is important to choose the correct mix of Business Insurance policies at the right levels for your business to sufficiently cover the risks, satisfy the bank...

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  • Do I need to register my business as a company

    Do I need to register my business as a company?

    While the requirements to operate a company are relatively simple, people usually only incorporate a company to obtain a specific benefit when trading. The benefits of registering a company include and are not limited to:Lim...

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  • Business recruitment and legal

    Recruitment tips for small businesses

    Good staff are the backbone of any business, small or large. Getting the right people can be time consuming, frustrating and sometimes fruitless, but if you get it right, your business is better for it. Know what and who yo...

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  • Employment related issues

    Considering employment issues when buying a business

    Are you looking to buy a business? Have you stopped to think about whether you want to employ some or all the existing employees? Many new business owners fail to take this into account and as a result end up with new e...

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  • Structure for a family owned business

    How to structure a family owned business

    Many businesses in New Zealand are family owned and managed. Some are large and financially very stable but the majority are mom and dad owned businesses. The dynamics and stresses involved in the ownership of a family busin...

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  • What is a company

    What is a company?

    When people decide to start or buy a business, they generally do so in one of three ways: as a sole trader, in partnership, or through a company. Apart from tax registration, there is no formality in trading on your own acco...

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