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Good business administration and management are critical to the success of any business. This covers accounting, cashflow, time and record management, human resources, project management and business operational issues. These coupled with the sound financial management of your business finances will help you run an efficient and highly successful business.

  • The five financial The figures every business owner needs to know

    Five financial figures every business owner needs to know

    Know your numbers for business success The five financial figures every business owner needs to know “Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself,” said Plato – and who are we to ar...

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  • Cashflow forecasts and liquidity

    Cashflow forecasts and liquidity

    Cash Flow Forecasting - as the name suggests it is a projection of the flow of cash over a period of time, usually on a monthly basis and covers a twelve-month period. It is a summary of cash banked, payments made, and ...

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  • small business downtime

    Making the most of small business downtime

    How to make the most of small business downtime As summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, many small business owners start to feel the pinch. Unless you are in retail, business usually slows down as people spend more...

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  • Avoiding Cyber Security attacks

    How to keep your business safe from cyber attacks

    How to keep your business safe from cyber attacks Phew, we escaped the worst of the WannaCry cyber attack last month but was it a case of good luck or good management? Although we may be thousands of miles away from some ...

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  • Cashflow financing or factoring finance

    Cash flow financing or factoring finance for your business

    Understanding Cash flow Finance or Factoring Factoring and Discounting are two options businesses can use to improve their cash flow. Factoring is the sale of current and future invoices to a third party, the "factor." Often...

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  • Using accounts payable

    Using accounts payable to your advantage

     Accounts Payable may seem like a ho-hum kind of subject, but it can be a minefield of mistakes. Opportunities to improve your cashflow and profit abound in your Accounts Payable actions. Your objective is to keep your...

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  • Your financial performance

    Left Brain Right Brain - Financial Performance

    Why 'left brain' and 'right brain' people need each other. It's sad to see Aussie icon Lisa Ho Designs go into Voluntary Administration.  An article in The New Zealand Financial Review by Anne Hyland, prompted me to co...

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  • Financing a franchise

    Financing a franchise, what the bank wants

    Entering a franchise nearly always involves an entry fee, other set-up costs as well as ongoing fees and royalties. These can vary widely depending on the individual business, the type of franchise and other factors such as ...

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  • Using the bank for business finance

    Using the bank to arrange business finance

    The time when you could walk into a bank, see a bank manager, tell him (in those days it was a him) what you wanted to do, tell him how much you needed to borrow and walk out knowing you had the money, are long gone unfortun...

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  • Financial year end checklist

    Financial year end checklist

    Your end of financial year checklist 31 March – it’s Ewan McGregor’s birthday, the anniversary of the official opening of The Eiffel Tower and World Backup Day. But if you are a small business o...

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  • Business finance and loans

    Business finance - borrowing the money

    How much can you borrow? The amount lent to any given person or organisation is usually limited by the collateral they can provide and their ability to repay the loan. When seeking business finance and borrowing the money...

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  • Managing business overheads

    Reducing business overhead costs

    Overhead costs: how to calculate them and how to keep them down Business owners the world over agree that the not-so-secret secret to business success is to keep your costs low. It doesn’t matter how much profit you ...

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  • spring clean your business

    How to spring clean your business

    Does your business need a spring clean? Whether it’s overflowing filing cabinets or a build-up of dust behind them, every business could benefit from a thorough spring clean, preferably once a year. Tidying up, declu...

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  • financial tips for small business owners

    Six top financial tips for small business owners

    A business can’t survive on passion alone, which is why the death rate of small businesses in New Zealand is a national tragedy. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy but, based on previous trends, r...

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  • Cloud computing and commerce

    Cloud commerce for business

    'Cloud' may not be the best word to choose for making business owners feel confident about a potential home for their precious data. It is just a word though and the enormous benefits can't be ignored. The 'Cloud' is a ter...

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  • Tax considerations when purchasing a business

    3 tax considerations when purchasing a business

    As well as a lifestyle choice, the number one reason to purchase a business is the intention of making money. All too often buyers neglect to put any serious thought into downstream tax considerations, yet the easiest dollar...

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  • Cashflow for small business owners

    Cash flow 101 for small business owners

    What is cash flow? Cash flow refers to the money you have coming into your business and the money going out. If you have more coming in than going out, you’re winning – but there’s more to it than that. ...

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