Avoiding Cyber Security attacks

How to keep your business safe from cyber attacks

Phew, we escaped the worst of the WannaCry cyber attack last month but was it a case of good luck or good management?

Although we may be thousands of miles away from some of the biggest threats in the world today, when it comes to cyber threats, thanks to technology we may as well be next door. WannaCry gave us a wake-up call and we all need to take notice.

The WannaCry malware infection brought large corporations and public service institutions to their knees in an instance - hundreds of thousands of computers in 150 countries in just one weekend. So even if you escaped this attack, will you escape the next?

Here’s how to protect your business, your customers and their data from cyber threats.

How to avoid Cyber Security attacks:

The theft of digital information is now one of the most commonly reported types of fraud, surpassing even physical theft. Small businesses can be vulnerable as they have fewer layers of protection and not as much in-house IT expertise. However, just like you protect your home with locks and keys, with the right cyber security measures in place, you can be confident your business will withstand an attack on its digital systems.

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