To sell your NZ business - advertise to target your business buyer

advertise to target your business buyer
Would you advertise your NZ house on sale in the TV Guide or your car in the Realtor? Not many people would, and the very same principle applies when it comes to sell your NZ business. Advertising a NZ business for sale on a non-specific site online, or in a residential housing magazine or even on air, is not the smartest way to market your business.

Make it count when selling your business and get the best result by advertising it in a medium that's specifically designed, and actively targets your largest number of potential business buyers.

Effective advertising
must address the issues of targeting likely buyer groups and if it's quality and number of buyers you are aiming for, then advertising your business online, on a dedicated site, specialising in your mission, and representing it in a business specific format, is definitely an option that affords greater interest from better qualified business buyers.

Marketing your NZ business through sites specifically designed for businesses for sale can maximise your exposure to quality business buyers locally, nationally, and internationally. Whereas just running one or two mismanaged or misplaced ads in any medium will only expose your business to a small percentage of the total buyer pool - and could well inadvertently alert your employees, customers and suppliers that the business is up for sale, something you may not wish to disclose in the earlier stages of the sale process.

Keep in mind that fewer than five per cent of the general population are prospective business buyers looking for NZ on sale opportunities, so use your common sense and spend your advertising dollar wisely the first time. Manage the process effectively and the selling/buying process will go smoother, maximising your prospects and allowing you to get your best possible price. For more tips on marketing your business, visit online advertising and resource site

Click this link to advertise your NZ Business on sale.
Alternatively request a business seller info pack.


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