Support New Zealand by buying locally

Support New Zealand by buying locallyCOVID-19 is currently having a significant impact on the New Zealand economy and on small business.  While the government has put measures in place to help businesses, we can also make a difference.

Now and going forward, we need to pull together and work harder than ever to show support for the 500,000 plus small business entities in New Zealand. They are a key part of our community - they pay taxes in NZ, and they employ our family and friends. 

When a New Zealand business fails, it impacts directly on other businesses and can have a toppling effect. The impact is felt by business owners, their staff, the customers, and inevitably, by our economy.

The roll on effects reduce our choices, impact our local economies and add to social welfare costs. Both within our local communities and within NZ as a whole, we can play our part by shopping locally to support our businesses during tough times - they then have the opportunity to thrive as we emerge into better times, and that is good for all of us.

Along with the economic and employment benefits of supporting local business, there are many advantages to consider and to enjoy.

  • The effects of spending locally flow into the health, well-being and connectedness of our communities, and also into the infrastructure and public services vital to us. Especially when compared to offshore online mega-retailers, NZ businesses recycle a much larger percentage of their business income back into our communities and pay NZ taxes.

  • Benefits to the environment are gained through an increased use of locally sourced materials, through less transportation and through controllable recycling and reuse measures. The term “food miles” refers to the measure and cost to the environment of eating food that has travelled to get to our dinner plates.  By buying food locally we can minimise our food miles.

  • By spending locally we are supporting ethical operations that comply with legislation around work conditions and pay. This is not necessarily the case when we buy from overseas, where decent wages, safety precautions and other work conditions can be sadly lacking.

  • During a crisis, local production, and supply and distribution are vital to a community’s resilience. We only have to see how local products, such as food, face masks, PPE, and even scientific research, have aided us as a nation during Covid-19. During earthquakes and other natural disasters, local production can be enormously important as transport links can be disrupted.

  • We have many skilled and talented professionals and artisans in New Zealand. The work done and items crafted are high quality and world class. Why wouldn’t you want to support these people who provide excellent skills and a wonderful diverse range of talents?

  • The real life experience of walking into a shop, talking with a person, and leaving with our purchase is hard to beat! Connections are made, fun is had, and often we benefit from local expertise and advice that we may not otherwise get.

  • Many online offerings from NZ businesses will provide quicker, safer and more seamless delivery, when compared to international alternatives. This goes along with the benefits of local expertise and the ease of a return or exchange - it is often easier and safer to make contact and to get local and relevant advice.

Rebuild New Zealand by buying from a NZ owned and operated business !

In each of our purchase decisions, there is an opportunity to benefit NZ and New Zealanders by considering whether the product or service is from a New Zealand owned and operated company. By prioritising this in our decision-making and spending our money locally, there is a positive flow on effect and long term financial benefits for all of us!

Together, lets invest in New Zealand. Check and ensure you are buying from a NZ business.

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