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Business Brokers can make all the difference in obtaining a quick sale and getting your best possible price. Conversely if you are looking to buy a business, then you will want to be working with someone who can offer good business advice and for sale listings that are right for you. The following New Zealand Business Brokers can assist you in buying or selling a business.
Interested in becoming a Business Broker? see our Business Broker Jobs. The following questions will help you in finding a Competent Business Broker to work with.

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How to find a competent Business Broker:

There's a wide variety of options available when it comes to selling your business.
If a business broker is your choice then read on...

Choosing a good business broker to sell your business is a bit like choosing a dentist, a builder or even a hairdresser. As with any profession or trade, all service providers are not created equal and it is important to choose with care.

1. A recommendation is a good place to start.

2. Use Real Estate Institute of New Zealand accredited business brokers. They have taken the time to gain a business broking qualification as well as having at least two year's experience assessing, marketing and selling a business.

3. Take the time to discover what tools a firm has in it's marketing arsenal as that will help you determine just how committed they are to selling. Every business has a slightly different approach to it's marketing campaign and there are many combinations of campaign strategies that might be appropriate. Ask which mediums, what type of ads, and how the campaign will be run.

4. Keep in mind that your business broker needs to be up with the game and have a full complement of online marketing tools in place to most effectively promote your business. Even if you are not computer literate yourself, the first place the majority of people looking to buy a business will visit is the main online business for sale sites. Ensure your broker is using all the key "business for sale" listing web sites.

5. Ensure your broker is experienced; understands your type of business and that their marketing strategy is comprehensive and incorporates offline tools and a database of suitable buyers as part of their marketing package. This will ensure maximum exposure to your target buyers.

6. Professional business brokers will use a multi-pronged approach, including all the key specialist business for sale web sites, direct mail and networks to complement their existing pool of qualified buyers. Some business brokers specialise in particular areas, so identify several who fit your business.

7. Look for a broker who has a suitable background, that can confidently value and sell your business, and who is willing to sit down and work with you, and show you how they, and the market works. Be wary of over-ambitious optimism when pricing your business as the key to selling is that the price be reasonable.

8. Interview more than one broker (check out our directory of Business Brokers) to gain a complete picture of services available, paying attention to success rates and references.

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Download the 12 Questions to ask a Business Broker before you list your Business for Sale.

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