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Listing a business for sale is the most popular exit strategy for many business owners. Most owners will need the help of a Business Broker with the preparation, packaging, pricing and promotion of their business opportunity. Here at nzbizbuysell we provide you with a successful, well established online marketing channel with resources to assist. If you want to maximise the leads you generate for your client then we can help you in selling their business. Find out more about our Business Broker Benefits.
  • To sell be better in business The selling solution - be better in business
    The most successful sales people today are those that know their industry and their own offering inside out - you need to become a valuable resource to your customer. You truly must believe in the ability of your product or service to solve the problem the purchaser is trying to solve. [more]
  • Jack Daly's tips for sales success Jack Daly's tips for sales success
    How many contacts do salespeople make with prospective customers? Jack Daly presents some eye-opening research. Did you know; 48% of salespeople never follow up after the first contact with a prospect. 25% of salespeople make a 2nd contact and stop, and 12% of salespeople make a 3rd contact and stop. Check out Jack's sales tips [more]
  • How to write ad copy that sells How to write ad copy that sells
    Online advertising today is a highly valuable tool when selling businesses, and it has become increasingly important to craft your words well to ensure it grabs the interest of any buyer. It must capture and hold their attention with clear concise information before asking them to act! The following points have been compiled to assist you in creating ads that will generate more leads and more sales. [more]


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