3 tips for generating more leads

tips for generating more leads

It’s often said that "those with the most leads win", as sales leads are the life blood of any product or services sales team.

It’s always hard to beat “word of mouth” referrals as these have added credibility. They have the ability to convert faster, have a lower cost of acquisition and usually a higher customer life-time value.

3 tips on generating more quality leads for your business:

1. Better quality leads equals more sales

It’s not just about more leads, but more, better quality leads that are more likely to result in a sale. Get together with key stake holders in your sales and marketing team and develop and define your "ideal sales lead" and how best to generate, qualify and process these – leads that are 100% certain will result in a sale. Focus on generating more quality leads to improve your sales.

2. Alternatives To Cold Calling

To foster new business is a constant goal for many businesses and cold calling on prospective clients can be daunting. There are however, many alternatives to cold calling. Some of these include; Getting referrals from existing customers, contacting old clients to showcase something new, having a profile in the places prospective clients search, using social media marketing and internet marketing. Offer something of value so prospects are likley to contact you. All of these should be considered along with ensuring that your company website and social media profiles are up to date and professional looking.

3. Build Relationships With Your Customers

Repeat customers are key to your business success, so knowing how to build relationships with your customers is very important. Some tips for this include; common courtesy and treating your customer with respect, share your knowledge and be sincere, keeping in touch, and keeping track of your customer and their changing needs and respond quickly to their queries. Building these relationships will sustain your business and help grow it.

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