How to create a winning personal brand

How to create a winning personal brandIn the face of tighter markets and more competition, how do you ensure you stand out as the best choice Business Broker?

Branding is a critical element of any business. It encapsulates your reputation and the value you bring to the table. This is important for both your company, and for you personally. Your company needs to show how it is trusted, successful, capable and stands out from the competition. As a Business Broker, it is equally important that your personal brand reinforce you specifically as the expert and best choice.

When creating your personal brand, look at your strengths and values, and what makes you unique in this role. Consider how you can best set yourself apart from the competition and position yourself as the leader and expert in your field. This will help provide you with direction when creating your brand as it needs to be authentic and resonate with your clients.
Branding is marketing which is designed to create more credibility, visibility and to generate more business. And it is particularly important to build your profile during uncertain and difficult times.

Unfortunately when times get tough, it’s human nature to cut spending and head to the back of the cave. After the GFC, consulting firm McKinsey published a study showing that those who emerged most successfully after the GFC had something in common.  One of the keys to these companies' success was consistent marketing. They didn’t stop marketing and that paid off.

What you can do to build your personal brand:

Understanding your environment.
It’s important to understand the mood and what is happening in the market place. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and consider what’s top-of-mind for them and how you may fit in as a key part of their solution. This will help in delivering the right message on target. After all, you are building a relationship here.  They are looking to deal with a professional who understands their needs, can be trusted, and is an expert that delivers.

Why pick you?
Work out what your strengths are, and what the key thing is that separates you from your competitors – write this down as it will help define you and your service, and needs to be at the core of your personal brand story. In creating your brand this statement will help set the foundation for your communications and strategy across your marketing platforms.

Define and own your expertise.
Clients will be wanting an experienced Business Broker - someone who understands and specialises in selling businesses similar to theirs. They will have a mental checklist - for example, has the Broker got the necessary experience in this industry, this area and right price range? Their concern will be that without this knowledge, the pricing and marketing efforts may miss the mark.

When creating your personal brand, think about your area of expertise and how this can help define your niche. Be clear about what you represent, but don’t let it exclude other possibilities either.

Proven successes.
Sellers will be seeking evidence that you are their “best choice” when it comes to selling their business. Some clients will want a list of satisfied sellers of similar businesses. Some will check out your online presence - your profile, testimonials and reviews. They will talk to friends and associates, and will be looking for confirmation that you are the right person to engage to sell their business.

Potential clients will be interested in your personal style and attributes, your strengths and weaknesses, how good and extensive your marketing is, and how good you are in securing a buyer at the best price.

For a successful personal brand, you need to present yourself as a leader and expert in selling these types of businesses.  You need to show that you care and go the extra-mile. By defining your expertise and track record, it shows you can add value and it builds your credibility.

Your visibility and marketing.
Sellers will be wanting a business broker or agent who is active where the “business buyers” are. They will be looking for your presence on the main websites where business buyers visit and hangout, and will be looking at how active you are.

To be noticed you need to be seen and connected with your audience. As well as an active profile on key “business for sale” platforms, it pays to share useful information by contributing articles and opinion pieces on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Be active on online communities and share and like relevant material that will lead to increased exposure - this way you can display your knowledge and leadership qualities. Develop your own networks and databases to expand your reach in your area of interest.

With a strong personal brand, your opportunities and presence will expand. People will see you as a leader and will be wanting to connect, listen and engage. Building your personal brand helps you present yourself as the expert and will generate you more business.

Never stop building your reputation and personal brand – it’s your business.

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