Improving your broker advertising material

Improving your broker advertising material

Honing your advertising and marketing material:

Advertising usually fullfils two jobs; (1) promoting our brand and who we are, and (2) selling our service and/or a business opportunity.

The trick is to ensure we write about the Benefits

we, or our listing offers to our targeted market rather than talking too much about ourselves. Your marketing material should persuade your prospects and inform them that you have something of value to offer them. It should then motive them to make that next step! Ask yourself:

1. Does this material talk about our service and us, or is it talking about the benefits we or our listing offers — what would be of interest to the prospective consumer?

2. Have I clearly defined how we deferrer from our competitors, and considered the needs and wants of the customer and communicated both this, and why they need us?

3. Have I written my ad or information with my target customer in mind? Step into your buyers’ or clients shoes and determine what’s important to them — then use this in your copy.

4. Is your message clear and easily understood, does it grab their attention in a friendly and persuasive manner. Is there a clear headline and call to action!

5. Do you see this material as an effective sales tool in securing a sale or lead, or is it just a branding opportunity?

Keep these in mind when writing your ad copy, web content, news and sales letters. Remember people want to buy — not be sold. Check out this link for more tips on writing effective online business listing ads when marketing your clients' businesses for sale.

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