The nine habits of top sales people

The nine habits of top Business Brokers

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Aristotle’s wisdom is just as appropriate today, especially if you want to be a top performer, and stay up there. It is your daily habits that will make the difference, and that will power you to greater success.

By adopting these habits anyone can improve their performance. Below are nine habits that will help any Business Broker or Agent in getting better results.

The 9 habits of highly successful sales people:

1. Asks the right questions

Most sales people spend too much time selling and not enough time asking questions. Top sales people consistently ask the right questions at the right time. They listen to the customer’s needs and then ask follow up questions to better understand their needs and build rapport. They then use this information to better tailor their offering, so they are more likely to close the deal.

2. Committed to self-education

Top sales people are constantly looking for ways to improve their knowledge, hone their skills and find new ways to increase business. They know knowledge gets respect and will help in securing business. They keep up with trends and information about their competitors. They keep up-to-date with their industry, which allows them to adapt to and capitalize on changes.

3. Provides value with every interaction

Top sales people make it a habit to add value with every interaction they have with their clients. They are constantly thinking about how they can improve their client’s experience through their service and advice. When something happens, or there is a change to their service or strategy, they step-up to help their client with their business needs.

4. Keeps promises

Selling is about relationships, and having trust in that relationship is one of the most important factors to doing business. To gain trust, the sales person needs to have a reputation for keeping promises and behaving honestly. Top sales people constantly strive to meet and exceed their client’s expectations.

5. Sets goals

Successful sales people do not wait for leads to come to them. They set clear goals of what they want to achieve and have specific activities that they do each day to achieve those goals. They monitor their activities to ensure that they are actually helping them reach their goals.

6. Takes Action

To get to the final destination, an action plan is needed on how best to get there. Key actions are identified and detailed specifying  what, who and by when – ideally they will be small enough that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

7. Schedules things

One of the biggest obstacles is time constraints and interruptions. The ability to work out what’s important, to prioritise and schedule what needs to be done, then commit them to your calander and excute them, is the habit of most highly successful people and top performers across all industries. Make it your habit to.

8. Asks for referrals

Referrals come from trust. When a sales person is referred from an existing customer the new prospect will trust that they will be able to deliver what they promise. Top sales people make it a habit of asking for referrals at that right time, ideally towards the end of the sale process when the client is happy with what has been done.

9. Gets up early

Successful people in general start their workday earlier than the average person and sales people can use this to their advantage by doing the same. Top sales people find the pickings are better before the gatekeepers arrive and the busyness of the day kicks in.


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