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... a DIY kit for developing your own business plan.

planning for business successOver 90% of New Zealander's are involved in small to medium businesses. They're the backbone to our economy. As a nation we are rich with ideas and posses a pioneering spirit to give it a go. While courage and passion are important, these alone don't guarantee success. Having a Business Plan is a great way to enhance your chances of success - take the time to review your business by doing some business planning.

A business plan is a road map, with milestones and a destination. Your business plan will reflect your goals, the purpose of your business, your products or services, where you are now, where you're going, and how you're going to get there. Doing a successful business plan takes careful planning, and a commitment to action. Plans need to be updated, and reviewed regularly. They are working documents to be used!

Business Planing will give you and your staff a road map to guide you to your business goals. As well as assisting in defining your purpose, it also provides you with a tool that can add value and credibility with bankers or investors. 

Getting down to Business Planning:

1. Get a copy of "Planning for Success" from Business Info
2. Set aside planning time
3. Define where your business is at, and gather material on your market and options
4. Set your goals - where you want your business to go
5. Determine your path by developing and writing your Business Plan for the coming year

If you are starting a business, buying a business, looking to raise capital, or wanting to sell your business (or part of), you need a plan! A road map for your success. In conjunction with Industry New Zealand, Biz Info have available their booklet on "Planning For Success - a do it yourself guide for developing your own business plan". This is also available on CD Rom.

Want a copy? then call Business Info on 0800 42 49 46, or visit
Alternatively download our easy to use 1 page business plan

Richard O'Brien - nzbizbuysell

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