Enjoying your new business

Enjoying your new businessCongratulations!

You have a business, and a plan - manage, monitor and implement your plan by working on your business. Don't try to change it over-night, learn the business first. It will be rewarding and sometimes tough going. Enjoy the process and it's rewards...

Seek Balance - work, rest and play, and reduce burnout.

It doesn't matter how well you set goals or manage your time, it won't necessarily mean less burnout, or more balance.

The risk of being an entrepreneur is that you are continuously working. The hours are long and you are likely to carry out the roles and responsibilities of the CEO, marketing director, receptionist, IT person and cleaner all at the same time, even if you have employees.

Taking time out from your business is usually a distant spot on the horizon, and then finally when you do get the chance to be free for a few days, you worry about what is happening, who hasn't rang you back, how to get that order to the customer, etc. Holidays can often be more painful and exhausting than actually working and catching up with friends and sees little energy in your body to even think about it.

Finding the balance is difficult and will require you to be strict on yourself and the objectives you set. If you don't, you can potentially run the risk of burning yourself out, damaging relationships that are important to you and your business and miss out on new opportunities because you are so focused on one particular area.

What is balance?
Everyone's balance is different and no one way is the right way. You will need to experiment and trial with your new found 'balance' strategy and make it work for you. To help you on your way to balancing your life, the following steps will be your starting point.

Define your priorities
Determine what is most important to you. Identifying and prioritising matters such as your business, family, friendships or recreational activities, you can gain an analysis of where you need to concentrate your time and how much time you can allocate to it.

Set your time
Recognise that realistically you won't be able to do all the things that you want to do. You will need to contribute and allocate your time to your business, but you will also need to do this for the things that you still enjoy and physically do yourself.

If you don't have an appointment or your plans fall through, take advantage of the situation. Use this time to reflect on your goals or achievements and refrain from filling this time wherever possible.

Find balanced people
Mentors, networking groups, trade associations, etc are all places where it is possible to get in touch with other entrepreneurs and balanced people. Fulfil your life with people who will support you, but will also help you to generate harmony and balance.

Say no
Say no or you will resent people who dictate your schedule. It is a hard task, however, you will begin to resent those people and therefore damage relationships much needed to you personally or as a business. Take control and accomplish your objectives without the influence or expectations of other people.

Dedicate one day a week to your family or any other high priority activity in your life. As an entrepreneur, it is your challenge to balance your life and to deal with the test of being able to walk away and forget for just a moment.

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