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Espresso Coffee Van Business Opportunity for Sale Auckland


Have a Shot at the Shot! The Shot Mobile Espresso Coffees is further expanding their Auckland base. A low investment, fun business opportunity.

Why buy this Espresso Coffee Van Business

Espresso Coffee Van Business Opportunity for Sale Auckland

Auckland is about to get a SHOT AT THE SHOT!

What would you say to turn a $6,500 investment deposit (The balance payable monthly to our lending partner Heartland Bank) into an $800 -$900 pre-tax income for several enjoyable work hours once you are up and running?

Another question, what if this income was possible to make this working Monday to Friday for lets say approximately 4 hours a day and then leaving the rest of the day untouched for YOU?

Then in the weekend being part of a fun crowd and you get paid for being at local events on top of it? Again spending lets say 5 hours (and not hard slog in any way at all) then the rest of weekend is your own to do something for yourself.

This income would be in addition to your weekday hours and could be up and around $380 -$400 pre-tax. Being involved at community /special occasions including at sports fields   in the weekend is grand fun and an opportunity to increase your current income by putting a few extra hours in?  

By allocating lets say 20 hours during the week and 5 hours at the weekend that works out at  $48.00 pre-tax each hour .This is after you service your  outgoings including everything needed to craft a barista made espresso / hot chocolate and designer cold beverages that  always are popular at events.  

This opportunity is ideal for a mum who desires to have her own small business that can be operated during school hours or someone semi-retired who desire to top up their income.

You might also see the opportunity to add this alongside your existing business.

The possibilities are endless; the main success driver is people who are then developed into valued customers with our total support.

NB: All financial information is based on possible cup sales of hot and cold beverage. Other consumables sold and the income not included in any above data.

The option is also available to make a one off purchase of this fully fitted out mobile hot and cold beverage van at $24,990.  

 If you are interested to find out more with nil obligations we will forward additional details including a comprehensive electronic information pack. A detailed fit out schedule including financial data for you to digest is all included to help you make an informed decision to join our team.

While THE SHOT MOBILE is further expanding our Auckland base, dont let this stop anyone applying to join The Shot team in the North Island. Everyone welcome and we guarantee an immediate response to all emailed applications providing some brief detail of background and phone contact number. 

For more information email Shaun Winstanley -  Master Licensor North Island 2023, using the below form.