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Online Directory Business for Sale New Zealand Wide

These days, most people look for Local Businesses online. This is an opportunity for you to own and operate 'Your Regions' Local Directory Online enabling you to offer local businesses and the community, a valuable online marketing tool. In addition to this we help you make your new business a complete online marketing solution for your region!


Business for Sale Description

Online Directory Business for Sale New Zealand Wide,,,, and have been SOLD! Secure your region NOW!

Have you ever searched for information online in your local area? Yes we all have and we all do! An attractive choice for internet users and a valuable marketing tool for local businesses is 'the local directory online... and many regions in NZ simply don't have one. Most regions have a tourist information site but nothing that covers the needs of locals, tourists and relocators. 

Here is a rare opportunity for you to start your own Internet Business and create RECURRING INCOME by working with local businesses in your area. Besides the local online directory, we will also offer you the opportunity to set up Business Websites, Social Media, Email and Google Ads for local businesses offering them the complete online marketing solution for their business!

This award winning formula enables you to run your business from the home or office, requires no inventory, no staff (unless you want them) and no expensive leases.

If you think you know about the internet and love being your own boss who can work from the home or the office then owning a LOCAL directory online is just the right business for you. However, you will have to take advantage of this opportunity before someone else does … There are only a limited number of regions available and once they're gone.... that's it.

FYI:,,,, and have been SOLD!

Here's how it works...

  • We'll build a local directory website for your area which will look just like our other successful websites e.g. and This is a purpose built, professionally designed and responsive website that attracts internet users.
  • You'll phone, email or go out and visit businesses, do a presentation, then list them on the site. Each business will pay you a fee once a month or annually for this service. The new website directory comes with absolutely everything you'll need to get yourself going in this exciting business.
  • Businesses will receive a comprehensive web presence that ranks highly in search engines for their keyword services and products – complete with photos, information, maps, a portal to their own website (if they have one), social media links etc on a specialized local directory online. 
  • Internet users LOVE LOCAL. Local websites often rank higher in search engines and are more relevant to users when searching online for products or services in their local region making this a valuable marketing tool for local businesses!

  • The first website established using this award-winning formula was and you can see by the number of business listings and stats how successful it has become:

    + Over 600 business listings ...all paying an annual fee.

    + A staggering 30,000 plus visitors and over 120,000 page views a month … and this figure just keeps on rising!

    + An impressive 42% repeat visitor average.

    + Organic First Page Ranking on Google for our regions business keywords - achievable with specialized search engine optimization skills learnt in-house.

    + Ltd were winners of the BOP Regional Councils Innovation & Technology Award.

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Here's what you'll get with your .info business...

-        Small startup costs

-        A customised domain name for your business

-        A professionally designed website specifically for your area, hosted by us with full support

-        Custom .info CRM admin area – allowing you to follow simple forms to easily upload businesses, photos and info.

-        Customised email adresses with built-in Anti-Spam.

-        A fully managed email newsletter that enables you to have a database of businesses and email subscribers that you can send local information to that is of interest i.e. a monthly newsletter with local stories, stats reports, specials etc.

-        Twitter, Facebook & Google Ads

We'll show you what to do to get these important marketing tools to work for your local .info website.

-        Training and support

Everything you’ll need to know to start, grow and profitably operate your business – including access to our extensive technical and marketing support.

All you’ll need to start this incredible business is a good quality laptop or home PC for making regular updates, a tablet to help assist with sales and a quality digital camera.

Like any business, the first 6-12 months will be the hardest but with each new listing your monthly income just keeps going up and you can easily achieve a great income.

Besides the local online directory, we will also offer you the opportunity to set up Business Websites, Social Media, Email and Google Ads for local businesses offering them the complete online marketing solution for their business!

What are the outgoings?

Besides your power, internet and phone bill, there is only one small monthly service fee of $195+gst which covers all your web hosting and the content management system to allow you to update the site anytime from anywhere!

But … your first year is covered so it’s FREE for 12 months.

Remember… the .info directories are based on an award winning formula that has already proven to work well.

CONTACT US NOW before your territory is taken.

If you require more information, testimonials etc … just let us know.

You can run this business from home, an office, as an individual, couple or with staff. The outgoings are very small with only website hosting, power and telephone costs needing to be paid monthly. A PC and Camera is all you will need to make a start. Marketing the site is up to you, but we can share our systems & techniques which have made 'ours' a winning formula that continues to grow every month with more new businesses wanting to advertise and more people finding the site when looking for local information.

In addition to this, we can give you the opportunity to offer Website Development, Email services, Google Ad Word campaigns and Social Media help which will make your business a complete online marketing solution for other businesses in your region!

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