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Online Business for Sale Auckland

Cloud Based Software Business


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Online Business for Sale Auckland

This is a fantastic opportunity for a business within the Real Estate, Legal or Accounting sectors or a Software/Web Developer wanting to make a very smart strategic acquisition.

This is the first time this business has been offered for sale and the timing is very relevant, due to Anti Money Laundering Legislation now put into serious effect, which is a game changer for firms operating within the Legal, Accounting and Real Estate sectors who now have to comply with the legislation in a big way.

The implementation of this government legislation has meant massive changes to processes and procedures within existing businesses from these sectors and governance and compliance increases, meaning all firms must now adopt new internal auditing procedures in order to comply.

This business owns a patented software portal which offers the 'Key' to solving many of the issues now facing these firms and their compliance with the legislation.

The software script written in PHP can be modified to customise and modernise the assets held by this business making it adaptable and customisable for any business wanting a fully tailored solution for the AML compliance and also offers many additional features, which will improve the overall customer experience for firms within these sectors. This is a serious opportunity for existing businesses in these sectors to make a strategic purchase to allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Remember, this is Trademarked and Patented system and so the firm who owns this will not have competitors with anything the same for some time. Huge advantage!!

A savvy developer could also purchase these assets and make tailored adjustments and improvements such as adding a phone app to the solution and continue growing the customer base for this portal which is already monetized with ongoing customers. Yes this business makes profit. This is not an untested start-up. THIS IS A REAL OPPORTUNITY.


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