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Ceylon Cinnamon Import & Sales Business for Sale Timaru

You can walk in and start running. We have a great website, steady Shopify customer base, company code, import code, food safety registration. We have a new shipment of cinnamon and quills, plenty of stock on hand, as well as unpacked product, ready to pack.


Why buy this Ceylon Cinnamon Import & Sales Business

Ceylon Cinnamon Import & Sales Business for Sale Timaru

We have identified a healthy demand in NZ for Ceylon cinnamon, widely considered the highest quality, healthiest cinnamon. All our cinnamon comes from a single, certified-organic plantation in Sri Lanka.

All the ingredients for success are there, for someone with the energy & time to maintain the brand, the social media, the newsletter, and the marketing.

Business Resources

  • Shopify website with steady customer base
  • 108 published product reviews (YotPo, 4.86/5 average rating)
  • TradeMe business profile with 100% positive rating
  • Company registration
  • Import Registration & Importer Code
  • Food Safety Program Level 3 Certification
  • Close working relationship with certified organic cinnamon producer in Sri Lanka
  • New stock on hand
  • Labeling, barcodes, nutrition panels
  • Social media accounts

*** Our Products ***

Certified organic Ceylon cinnamon:

We offer Cinnamon powder in 3 sizes of 100g, 300g and 500g. We also sell cinnamon quills in bundles.

Cinnamon & Honey Blend:

We blend the cinnamon powder with local certified bush honey, to produce “Cinnamon & Honey Blend” in three sizes.

Turmeric Powder

We sell certified organic, Ceylon turmeric in brown paper tin tie bags, in 2 sizes.

Cinnamon Leaf Oil

We bottle cinnamon leaf oil into two sizes:

A 200ml spritz blue glass bottle which is diluted with distilled water for a wonderful air freshener, antibacterial, and antifungal, and a 10ml pure oil with dropper in an amber glass bottle.

*** Our Brand ***

We're very passionate about bees and promote healthy practices for our environment. We maintain a blog with thoughtfully written articles, tips, and recipes that feature our products. We maintain an instagram & Faceboook page, and send out occasional newsletters to our mailing list.

Our customers repeatedly say they appreciate our thoughtful packaging, and the clearly superior quality of our cinnamon.

*** Summary ***

This small online business is ready to step up to being a big business. We have the barcoding and the nutritional panels. Shopify can handle orders for our products in many countries around the world. We could have stepped up before now, but big business is not what I can handle. I will be stoked to see someone with the right skills fly with it.

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Hazel James


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