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Geotech Soils Testing Business for Sale Christchurch

Soils testing and Soils Sampling machine. Soils testing is for Building Consent. NZS 3604 2011 Section 3. Needs qualifications & scalar penetrometer equipment.


Why buy this Geotech Soils Testing Business

Geotech Soils Testing Business for Sale Christchurch

Would really just like to sell the machine.

Scalar penetrometer equipment not included but manufacturer of this equipment can be provided. Soils samples. Core samples of any material down to 2.0m Could go deeper but would need special connecting mechanism. Very powerful machine. Easy to use. 10 min to set up.

Could set a person up to do what I do for a few hundred dollars. But depends on region so that would be some what negotiable. Would also require a level and scalar equipment. (not part of this price)

The computer programmes run under XL. (self designed) would supply these at no cost.

Needs minimum qualifications NZCE REA or Diploma in Civil Engineering to certify tests. Also depends on TC categories.

The amount you make is dependant on how many building companies/ builders / private individules who you know who are looking for soils tests for building consents. Rather than go to and Engineering company. As stated above I do well over the above amount but I have been around for a while and have a few contacts.

This machine can also be used just for samples, scalar is not necessary

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Needs a Computer. 4 x ute or similar to tow.
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Contact: Malcolm Davis

Malcolm Davis

0274386148 or 03 3373528
After 9.00 before 6.00pm

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