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Automotive Battery Retail and Service Business Opportunity for Sale Auckland

You don't need to be a mechanic to be successful here!


Why buy this Automotive Battery Retail and Service Business

Automotive Battery Retail and Service Business Opportunity for Sale Auckland

Want to know what sets this business apart from others operating within the industry; how the owner, who is not a qualified mechanic, has managed to achieve a return on investment of in excess of 40 % per annum and what 2022 growth could mean?

• It starts with the fact that the business specialises in the sale of a wide range of automotive battery products.

• The business caters for an even wider range of B2B customers, from insurance companies to vehicle fleets of one kind or another, to retail consumers.

• Sales are generated by 60 % approx. of people who walk in the door of this retail shop and the other 40 % of sales relate to its service team responding to customer call outs for services.

• The retail store, operated by the owner, is open 5 ½ days per week (no late nights).

• Underlying their customer base is 30 + years of satisfied customers and resultant business referrals from industry sources all the way through to the likes of insurance companies etc.

• Satisfied customers are all about the owner and staff’s ability to interact and react to customer enquiries in a timely manner.

• The reason why the owner is selling (after 30 + years) relates to his health.

• The looming question is - to what extent could a new owner with that youthful passion and enthusiasm create his own vision to capitalise of growth opportunities that currently exist going into 2022?

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